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Intro to Product Creation

• In this video we'll take a look at what digital product creation is all about, why it is much more profitable than affiliate marketing, why it's not as complicated as it's made out to be and why you should be getting started as soon as today!

Free VS Paid Products

• In this video, you will learn why you may want to create both free and paid products.

• Listen to why free products can generate interest through providing intriguing information.

• Learn more about how strong guarantees can easily promote your paid products.

• Listen and learn several tips to promoting a sales product, like upselling and honesty.


What kind of products work best

• In this video, learn which digital products are the most successful in sales.

• Discover why how-to report and videos are the best means of selling a product.

• Listen to benefits of creating graphics packages, website designs, and themes.


PDF's and Reports

• In this video, you will find out how to easily create PDFs and reports to sell.

• Find and download Open Office which can be used to create different documents.

• Discover how to create a text document and export it as a PDF file.


How to record Screen Capture Video

• In this video, you will find out how to create screen-capture video that will display what appears on the screen of your computer while you work.

• Find a few free alternatives to paid software, such as Screenr, Cam Studio or Jing Project.

• Excellent programs that are worth investing in!


How to record Audio

• In this video, you will find out which programs work best for purely recording audio.

• Investigate a free program called Audacity, which allows you to record, edit, and export audio as several different file types.

• Watch some tips on how to use Audacity.


How to create Mega Multi media packages

• In this video, you will begin to understand the advantages of recording audio, video, and written reports as bundled products.

• In addition, if you have a video product you can strip the audio from the video and sell the audio separately.

• Lastly, you can transcribe your video product to text and sell it as well.


How to find good ideas for products

• In this video, you will learn about four locations where you can research product ideas.

• The first site you will learn about is Dummies, where you can see very clearly which topics are worthy of sales.

• The second site is ClickBank, where you can visit the marketplace and categories to find ideas.

• Next you will visit JVZoo, which is a website that categorizes searches by popularity.

• Finally, we visit the Warrior Forum and scan the special offers forum for popular topics with many views.

How to price your products

• In this video, discover the importance of correct pricing.

• Understand why high prices will be snubbed by buyers, and learn more about how low prices will not cover the expenses of making your products.

• Listen to why $7, $17, and $27 are the most successful online prices.

• Investigate niche markets in ClickBank and Warrior Forums for pricing.


How to price your OTO for maximum conversions

• In this video, consider giving a customer a one-time-offer, or upsell, after the purchase of a product.

• Learn why the OTO that sells the best, between 50% and 60%, is the same price as the product.

• Find out more about a “bucket offer,” and how it can bring great success to your business.

• In this video, find out more about the value of one-time-officers.

• Consider adding an upsell page directly after an item is purchased.

• Learn specific words that can improve one-time-offer sales.


How to deliver your products

• In this video, choose between emailing products directly or having a client visit a download page.

• Discover why ZIP formats are most effective.

• Find a few tips for ensuring a client receives your product after the purchase, such as confirmation emails.


How to create payment buttons for your product

• In this video, you will learn about how to create payment buttons using JVZoo.

• Listen to the advantages for using JVZoo, which generates unique buttons quickly, over PayPal buttons.

• ClickBank is another product worth investigating, as is PayDotCom, DigiPlus, and WarriorsPlus.

• Receive instructions for creating a JVZoo account and generating buttons with HTML code.

• In this video, you will be shown how to create a payment button inside of PayPal.

• Learn the steps to discovering the different button options.

• Find out how to help customers navigate to the final sale and upsell pages.



How to get testimonials for your product

• In this video, ideas for how to get customer feedback are presented.

• By visiting Warriorsforum.com, you can advertise for product reviews.

• Remember to include a missive explaining that the customer received the product review for free in exchange for the review.


How to get others to create your product for you

• In this video, you will learn several ways to have people create content for you.

• You may want to use a freelancing site, which has several benefits.

• For writing purposes, consider iWriter.com, and listen to how easy it is to have content written for you.

• Also consider purchasing PLR material.


How to double the profits on your next product

• In this video, discover how to double the profits you make on a product.

• First, find testimonials for your product and learn why this is a successful method for making customers feel safe.

• Make sure you have an OTO or upgrade after the final purchase.


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